Experience The Show:

Bus & Ticket Program

 The Experience The Show: Bus & Ticket Program continues to expand, providing dance education to the underserved members of the community including persons with special needs, low income families and senior citizens. The program provides attendance and/or transportation to Owensboro Dance Theatre, free of charge to the participant. 

"Having them go and see something that is so beautiful, enchanting, inspiring - it's not just about the dancing - it can produce so many elements for the children's imaginations.  The possibilities are endless."

- Brooke McCollam, school teacher at Newton Parish


Experience The Show: Bus & Ticket Program increases the community’s access to all programming and events, encouraging positive health changes through dance and performing arts exposure...

 Experience The Show: Bus & Ticket Program improves the quality of life of senior citizens, low income families, and those with special needs by providing low cost or free access to high quality arts programming.
The Experience the Show: Bus & Ticket Program provides arts education programming to all members of the community equally, creating a level playing field.
Thank you to our Experience The Show: Bus & Ticket program sponsors!
Marilyn and William Young Charitable Foundation