IN CONCERT featuring

Audience members of all ages will find the joy of Christmas through the beauty of music and dance with "The Nutcracker", based on     E. F. Hoffman's tale. Owensboro Dance Theatre is still bringing new and innovating tricks and technology to the stage. The audience will enter Marie's dream, experiencing all the magic and wonder with a flying bed, levitating Arabian dancer, and more with special flying effects from ZFX. Owensboro Dance Theatre’s original version is unlike any other, with dance forms including: ballet, jazz, and tap. Audiences will be thrilled by the expertise, grace, and beauty of several professional dancers from across the country, over 150 community members, as well as ODT Company and Apprentice Company. Showcasing performances by seasoned professional dancers from Chicago, Denver and Atlanta, audiences will be thrilled by their expertise, grace and beauty. This timeless production fills the stage joy and imagination, transporting all to a land of holiday dreams. 

DECEMBER 1ST, 2018     7:00PM


FEBRUARY 23RD,     7:00PM

featuring Giordano Dance Chicago and community Tri-State competitors


The first act will be a showcase of Giordano Dance Chicago, 55 years running! GDC is America's original jazz dance company, captivating audiences worldwide with dynamic performances, diversity, and wide appeal of its repertoire. Known for its high-energy, high-impact artistry, GDC continually receives critical and audience acclaim worldwide. The second act will be an amusing and friendly dance battle fundraiser between tristate community groups! Each group will battle to win a grand prize of $1,000. Competing categories will include; first responders, schools, banks, car dealerships, fitness centers, non-profits, healthcare facilities, government, multi-media, and more! Each category winner will win $100 to go to a charity of their choice! Come cheer, laugh, and vote while supporting Owensboro Dance Theatre and those in the community!

MARCH 16TH, 2019     7:00PM


 In Concert’s Act I will feature a variety of dance styles performed by Owensboro Dance Theatre company members. You will be amazed by pieces from prominent choreographers from all around the world! In Act II, fly into action at Superhero Showdown! This performance will captivate all with an electrifying story of the superheroes we know so well. It will explore how important U.S. historical events shaped the creation of the comic book world, and how comics influence modern media today. The audience will be amazed with the flying, flipping, and spinning performed by their superhero friends and professional guest artist! Digital moving backdrops is sure to bring the excitement to life right before your eyes. Discover the superhero in you at Superhero Showdown!