Audience members of all ages will find the joy of Christmas through the beauty of music and dance with "The Nutcracker", based on E. F. Hoffman's tale. Owensboro Dance Theatre is still bringing new and innovating tricks and technology to the stage. The audience will enter Marie's dream, experiencing all the magic and wonder with a flying bed, levitating Arabian dancer, and more with special flying effects from ZFX. Owensboro Dance Theatre’s original version is unlike any other, with dance forms including: ballet, jazz, and tap. Audiences will be thrilled by the expertise, grace, and beauty of several professional dancers from across the country, over 150 community members, as well as ODT Company and Apprentice Company. Showcasing performances by seasoned professional dancers from Chicago, Denver and Atlanta, audiences will be thrilled by their expertise, grace and beauty. This timeless production fills the stage joy and imagination, transporting all to a land of holiday dreams.



Performances for Younger Children Available

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Tickets to Owensboro Dance Theatre's The Nutcracker and In Concert school-day performances are available for children 3 and under accompanied by up to two parents or guardians.
Two school performances, each only one hour long, are included for area school children for "The Nutcracker"  on Friday November 30th, 2018  at 9:15am and 11:30am. For tickets, call 270-684-9580 or